Ingredients for pastry

Il Pasticciere

Our company rigorously manufactures products of authentic Italian origin. Miele, who always cares about consumers and pastry specialists, has widened its sweets product line with new formulas and formats to satisfy even the most demanding clients.

Our "Il Pasticciere", our pastry chef selection includes ingredients for pastry preparation, fragrances for scented desserts, tasty jams for fillings and delicious recipes.

Miele cooked wheat
A completely Neapolitan secret

Miele continuously introduces new food products that keep up with the logic of simplicity and tradition, according to our principle: "Look back to the past to eat better in the future".
Our company's production is based not only on this concept, for our confectionery and delicatessen products made with Italian traditional ingredients, but also on the methods for cooking, conservation or use according to modern needs, in particular preparation speed.

Cooked Wheat for Pastiera Napoletana

Organic Cooked Wheat for Pastiera Napoletana

Flavorings and Liqueurs for Sweets

Le Amarene Top